Get Started! Where to start…

Accessories_0Recently, I have had numerous conversations regarding organizing, specifically that people want to get organized but don’t know where to start. My first thought to this type of statement is just GET STARTED. most of the energy and effort put into thinking about organizing could be eliminated if words became action. But where to start. My overall organizing strategy is Know what you have, Know where you have it, and Know why you have it. So if you find yourself looking for important documents and can’t seem to find that 1099 needed for your tax return then I would say start with your filing system. If getting out the door on time is an issue then maybe start with organizing your clothing system or your kitchen. My other piece of advice is not to be afraid of this process, I haven’t met anyone yet who hasn’t loved the end result. Just make sure that you know what end result you are looking for… to KNOW WHAT YOU HAVE, KNOW WHERE YOU HAVE IT, AND KNOW WHY YOU HAVE IT.


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