No Miscellaneous!

Even on WordPress they allow for uncategorization, however in organizing there is no miscellaneous. One of the biggest areas where I find miscellaneous is in the kitchen, specifically the ubiquitous junk drawer. This drawer tends to house the most unlikely items, I have even found a cat (who had been lost for three days) in one of my clients “junk drawers”. The easiest way to keep from having a miscellaneous is to Know what you have, Know where you have it, and Know why you have it. In order to demonstrate this in reality, I am including a picture of my kitchen office supply drawer for reference. Items are sorted via bins which makes it very easy to see what is in this drawer and where it belongs. I know it doesn’t look like it came out of Southern Living or Real Simple but that is because I actually use this drawer. One of the reasons I created this blog was to show that you can have organization without perfection. So many people get hung up on making it perfect that they don’t make it easy to maintain or even useable, allowing items to pile up and making an even bigger issue. I would love to answer any questions you might have on this subject of miscellaneous categorization or any other organizing question, so feel free to comment or ask questions!

Kitchen Office Supply Drawer

Kitchen Office Supply Drawer

Band Aids
Birthday Candles
Box Cutter
Envleope Opener
Flower Keeper
Phone Charger
Post It Notes
Safety Pins
Tape Measure


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