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One of the hardest things for me to learn is that organization is not about perfection, that is why I came up with the definition Know what you have, Know where you have it, and Know why you have it. This reminds me to step back and access what the end goal is, to be organized or to be perfect. Some may argue that you can have both and I have worked with several clients and their substantial staff so that they could have a perfectly organized home. However, for those without a house manager, daily housekeeper, and personal assistant, I want to make sure you know you can be organized too, without having the extra help. I find that when people start the organizing process they expect perfection. However, perfection is almost impossible to maintain if you actually utilize your space. That is why so many people become discouraged in the organizing process if they can’t get it perfect why start at all? The piles form and it becomes more and more difficult to even get started.
Here are my thoughts on how to move past perfection paralysis.
1) Start small. The kitchen junk drawer is a great place to start because it is contained and will begin to give you an idea of sorting, categorization, and labeling.
2) Have a clear end goal in mind. Is your aim to be on the cover of Architectural Digest or to be able to find the tape? I will even have some clients write the goal down so that they can reference it throughout the organizing process.
3) Focus. If your end goal is to have an organized kitchen, stay in the kitchen. For items that needed to go to other areas, use sorting bins, and take them at the end of your organizing session. This way you are less likely to be distracted by other areas.
4) Get Help. If you need help deciding how to organize, I recommend hiring a NAPO affiliated professional organizer even just to give you ideas on what steps you need to take to organize your space. This can save you hours of stress, aggravation, and dissappointment.


4 thoughts on “Organization without Perfection

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