Garage Organization

There are several different ways to organize a garage, however I have a method that has really worked for me and I have great success with.

Pre-Fabricated Garage Cabinets

Pre-Fabricated Garage Cabinets

Step 1) Planning. I begin by creating stations; car care station, gardening/landscaping station, tool station, toy station, etc. Again making sure that everything is categorized (no miscellaneous!). Then I sort everything into those selected categories and remove everything from the garage. I use old shower curtains as staging areas or if work is being done on the garage and items need to be out longer, I will rent a portable storage container. (If inside an HOA make sure that this is allowed.)
Step 2) Preparation. Next comes the painting of the walls and floors. I love the epoxy flooring from Premier garage. This step is not required but I have found it to be really helpful in maintaining an organized garage.
Step 3) Installation. There are lots of garage storage products on the market. I prefer cabinets over open shelves because they keep dust, insects, etc. out while keeping the garage nice and orderly. Below are two different types of wall mounted cabinets. The first cabinets are prefabricated and mounted on hang rails (Freedomrail by schulte).
The second picture features custom made cabinetry from Innerspace. These cabinets offer so much storage space and because of the thickness of the material can really hold a lot of weight.

Custom Garage Cabinets

Custom Garage Cabinets

Step 4) Label. I find that most people just want to throw everything back into the garage and be done but if you want a lasting, long-term solution make sure you label. I tend to label the containers, some organizers label both the containers and the shelving so that it is easy to put everything back in the same location. However, I find that is a step I can skip without sacrificing effectiveness.
Step 5) Review. See what is working and what isn’t working. If you have hired a professional organizer hopefully you won’t have too much to change. However, I believe that change is constantly happening around us; we change jobs, families grow, we start new hobbies, so if you find yourself thinking the garage is getting disorganized again review what isn’t working.

Again if you have any questions regarding garage organization or organization in general please feel free to comment.


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