Top Four Organizing Products

Organizing Products

I was recently asked what are my favorite organizing products. This is a difficult question because my first response to that would be none. I would prefer my clients utilize what they have rather than spend money on products they don’t need.  However, there are certain items that I use almost every time I organize. You might be surprised that my number 1 favorite organizing product is …

A labeler! The PTouch 1400 to be exact. Okay so that probably isn’t that surprising coming from a professional organizer however it really is the item I use with every single client. I label so much that I have two labelers.  The reason this is important is because statistically you are more likely to put items where they belong if you can visually see where to put them.  Thus the labeler. Along with the labeler I bring several different types of label tape ranging in size and color. I prefer this labeler because I can hang it on my wrist or hold it in one hand.

Storage boxes. I prefer the inexpensive cardboard boxes that can be folded up for easy storage and transportation.  I use these so that the client can stay in one space and sort. When finished they can then carry the box to the intended area. For example, if I am organizing a kitchen and find items that need to go to the office, I will put them into the office box.  That way the client can focus and not end up making several different trips to the same space. And if you need to stop for any reason the items are easily taken to their intended place without being dumped backed into another pile.

Magazine file folders. They can store virtually anything and look uniform which helps to visually organize a space. They can be labeled which helps to maintain organization.  I use them to store instruction manuals categorically (Kitchen appliances, Toy Instructions, Electronic Manuals, Tools, etc.). Real Simple highlighted kitchen wrap storage in the current issue.

Trash Bags. Bags are a must not only for trash but a separate color for donations as well. I use white kitchen bags for trash and black for donations, that way I always know what needs to go where. Therefore, it is easy to see what items are being thrown out and what items are being donated.

That’s not really all however these products listed are the ones that I use with most every client. Do you have any favorite organizing products?


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