Tools for curating your collection

things ordered neatly
Yesterday’s post on Things Organized Neatly is an exact representation of how a collection can become something to be celebrated instead of considered clutter. Instead of boxing up these instruments, they were hung on display to be appreciated and seen as a work of art. This is exactly what I hope everyone can experience, the delight of displaying their collections for enjoyment and inspiration. My only side note would be to make sure to edit your collection so that it can be displayed without having to turn your home into a museum.

Curating your collection…
1) Determine what your collection contains. You could be collecting all things blue or baseball cards just make sure your items to display fit into that category.
2) Edit. Remove the pieces that will detract from the display or just won’t fit.
records on stairs
3) Display. For items that can be hung use wall space, for example a collection of record albums are hung on the wall down the stairs.
I hope this post inspires you to clear the clutter and create a collection!


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