Three closets become one

closet 02

What to do when you have lots of clothing and can never find anything to wear? We spent a day and a half organizing this closet with a materials budget of $500. Though not a “dream closet”, we turned an under utilized closet into a highly functioning space.

This specific closet, at 7′ x 10′, is a rather large walk-in closet that previously only had one hang rail and shelf. Because of inadequate storage, clothing was also stored in two other closets in the home. In order to accommodate all the clothing we installed a Closetmaid Selectives Closet Organizer with three hang rails. It took one day to remove the clothing, demo the old system, and sort all the clothes.  It took another half day to install the new system and organize all the clothing into closet.

closet 04

Because of the limited shoe storage space, boots are kept in their boxes and stored on the top shelf.  Container store stacking bins were used for shoe storage. We didn’t use the shoe bins because they only fit two pair and we needed more per bin.

closet 06

Drawers store smaller items and accessories. These 25″ drawers store items from one rolling cart, two dresser drawers and an assortment of scarves.

closet 07

This client wanted all the clothing sorted by type and color so all the shirts are in one area, skirts and pants in another, and dresses and suits in another.

closet liner

We kept some of the original wire shelving for cost savings and used it for jeans and casual pant storage.  In order to reduce the rumpled effect of the wire shelves we just added shelf liner.

closet 05

This is a great image showing you how much clothing we were able to fit into this closet and still keep it organized!  Three closets and 2 storage containers all fit into this space!


One thing to mention with this Closetmaid system is that the hang rail will dip if extended beyond ~38″.  We inserted a 3/8″ wooden dowel to stiffen the rail since this space is ~42″.


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