Emergency Preparedness Kit

Snow above window
In light of the recent events in New England and Mississippi I thought I would share my emergency preparedness kit. These are items that I always have in the event of power outage or unknown event. For more detailed instructions please visit FEMA’s website . Click here for information on the first aid kit which is also ready in the event of an emergency. emergencypreparednesskit

Family Emergency Plan
Food, not requiring can opener
Insect Proof Headnet
Utility Tool
Weather Radio, battery operated
Water Bottle, with filter

Weather Radio

This is stored in my hall pantry in a small labeled storage container. We label it Weather Radio so that way we always know where the radio is located.


8 thoughts on “Emergency Preparedness Kit

    1. Peppermint Pinwheels

      Nope – I have no idea what farkel is either! BTW – always necessary in an emergency preparedness kit: whiskey and chocolate! The alcohol is solely for disinfectant purposes!

  1. Miriam'sMommy

    Don’t forget diapers and food for little ones if you have them. I recommend keeping a 72-hour kit, too, in a water-proof, easily-portable bin 🙂 You should blog a 72-hour kit for us!

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