What growth are you cultivating?

Chiral patterns formed by Paenibacillus dendritiformis grown on minimal media

Chiral patterns formed by Paenibacillus dendritiformis grown on minimal media. Photo Credit: Microbial Modus

As a Professional Organizer who goes into the deep dark recesses of your fridge, basement, or other moldy area, I get to see lovely pinks, greys, and even soft velvety blacks in various stages of bacterial/fungal growth. This may cause some of you who read during lunch to stop reading this blog however, it leads me to the question “What growth are you cultivating?” Just like bacteria, humans require a certain environment to grow. Change has to occur in order for us to grow and develop. If we stayed the same as soon as when we were first born there would be a much larger landfill problem than the current situation. This leads me to the point that change is necessary and good, to quote George Michael, “not everybody does it, but everybody should.”

Organizing generally requires some change, either in gaining new habits or letting go of bad habits. For most of the people I have worked with the intial organizing sessions aren’t the hard part, difficulties come with maintaining the new order and not allowing old ways to creep back in. The question becomes is your desire to cultivate new growth greater than your need to maintain the status quo. Surprisingly this is a very difficult question because when pressed most of people want change to occur they just don’t want to be the ones changing.

Are you wanting to cultivate new growth? If so I would love to celebrate the progress you are seeing or help with the challenges you are facing.

Photo Credit: Microbial Modus


2 thoughts on “What growth are you cultivating?

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