Prepare to plan; or the benefit of using sport analogies when organizing a garage.

garage plan
I am not a huge sports fan, nor do I participate in most of the activities that originate from the garage, however, I have organized more garages than I can count. This is not to say I don’t enjoy it, I have just come to realize there is a language that can motivate the most unwilling participant.

This terminology can be useful for any project but its very helpful when faced with a player who wants to tackle the garage without a game plan. Here are my steps to hitting a home run when preparing for the big game.

{Know the Game Plan} What is your ultimate goal? To fit the car in the garage or see all four walls? This is an easy step and really one of the most important, so take the time to write down what you envision for the space. Also begin to think when the actual organizing will kick off. If vendors are going to be involved find out their availablity.

{Go the Distance} MEASURE!! This is a great way to know how much space you have and what you can fit in that space. The above diagram is a great example of not only measuring the space but also determining exactly what can fit in the space. And yes trying to fit that boat was difficult, however, the client greatly reduced rental fees by storing the boat at home.

salvation army

{Send in the Special Teams} Prior to physically organizing a space is also a great time to contact a local charitable organization such as the Salvation Army (1-800-SA-TRUCK) to schedule a pickup. This will save you so much time trying to find out when and where your donatable items will go after the sorting process is complete.

{Cover all the Bases} Make sure to research organizing systems prior to any installation, you don’t want to be thrown a curve ball after the fact. Or hire someone with the inside track on organizing systems, it could turn out to be a game changer.

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And yes I have used these terms before but please don’t hold it against me. Would love to hear some of your favorite sayings!

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