Ask the Organizer: Small Pantry Organization

Photo: HGTV

Photo: HGTV

I am beginning a new series in which individuals can post organizing questions on this blog and I will answer them.  The first in this series is a request regarding organizing tips for a small pantry with wire shelves. If purchasing a new system with pull out shelves is out of the question then this is what I would recommend.

1) Remove everything from the pantry. Believe it or not, this step alone can produce magnificent results. If you have wire shelves put down contact paper, I’ve even used scraps of wall paper.

pantry oil and vinegar

2) Pretend its your own personal grocery store.  If you shop in a grocery store you know that like items are housed together.  Try this type of system at home where you put like items together. Categories may include, grains and pastas, cereals and breakfast foods, chips and snacks, paper products, beverages, canned goods, oils and vinegars, or baking supplies.

3) Contain the Chaos. It’s hard to keep everything together so I recommend using trays.  They are more shallow than bins so food doesn’t get lost in the shuffle. I haven’t had much luck with food storage containers, not that they don’t make the pantry pretty, however, maintaining that type of organization can be time consuming. I’d rather set you up for success than have you frustrated with a system.


4) Use every available space. Small pantries can be limiting but using shelving on the door can greatly increase your storage space.

pantry breakfast

5) Adapt to the needs of your household. The cereal is on the top shelf of this pantry due to little hands wanting to dump out the cereal. Therefore placement will most likely change as the household changes.

I would love to hear if this helped or if you have any other questions so please feel free to post a comment!


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