Office Organization

Office 01

A 2011 survey completed by the Bureau of Labor and Statistics found that the average American spends 8.8 hours a day at work. The office is your home away from home so why not make it an inspiring place to work.

Office before 02

With papers covering the desk and office supplies scattered throughout the space, it was difficult to focus. In less than 1.5 hours we were able to create a new filing system, organize the office supplies and electronics, and create a more inspiring work environment.

Office after 01 small

The paper documents were sorted into two separate categories; administration and clients. Future categories could include reference and financial documents. The benefit of this type of separation is that each category can have a specific drawer making document retrieval easy.

office after 03

The workspace is clear with only vital documents and supplies out while everything else is stored in individual compartments, making it easier to see photos and awards.

office after 04

Office supplies now have a home in cabinets underneath the desk. (Note to future office space designers, when planning a work space incorporate a drawer for pen, pencils, and notepads.)

office after 06

Cords were managed using 3M command damage free cord clips. And the photos were hung using Scotch Mounting Reusable Tabs.

Kristin Organizing office

This space was very fun to organize and the results were inspiring. For even more organization of the space I would recommend a coat rack and a white board.

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