Baby Clothes Organization


Due to the fact that babies grow so fast and their clothing is so cute, most baby closets have lots of clothing, and if not stored correctly some of those clothes might never get worn. Here are my tips for baby clothing organization.

Make it simple! Don’t overdue the organizational containers or systems because when the baby is screaming and you are 20 minutes late you aren’t going to want to have to maintain anything other than getting out the door with clothes on. I use this Closetmaid system for a lot of different applications (Three closets become one). It is very versatile and can adapt to the changing needs of the household and is relatively affordable at less than $200 for the entire system of shelves, drawers, and rails.


Choose the right side. In this specific closet everything on the right hand size is the correct size for baby. The top rail is dress clothes and the bottom rail is play clothes and outerwear. Everything on the left hand side is to grow into, as the baby grows the clothing will move to the right side. This makes it easy for anyone to dress baby.


Keep the drawers in the drawer. Onesies, socks, and tights are stored in the drawers. This closet doesn’t require much drawer organization but they are so deep that as the child grows I would recommend investing in drawer organizers.

Clothing Storage. As the child outgrows clothing the upper shelves can store some of the clothes, but consider using this space for memorabilia and seasonal toys.

This type of closet organization makes it easy for anyone to see where everything is and where everything belongs, making it simple to maintain.

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