Guest Room Closet

Guest closet before

The closet without a purpose. It’s easy to bypass this closet since most people don’t use it everyday. Items that have no home usually end up here until guests arrive and then you think, “What am I going to do with all this stuff?!” Here are my tips on organizing this type of catch all closet while creating space for you guests.

Guest closet before 02

Clean Sweep. Remove everything from the closet, sorting into sections as you go. Some of the categories included; bags, books, electronics, memorabilia, and seasonal clothing. We wiped down the shelves and unwrapped items from a previous move.

Put items where they belong. Make sure you are storing items where they belong. For example, we moved the iron to the linen closet and stored the wrapping paper underneath the guest room bed in a flat storage container.

Guest closet after

Keep it together. With everything sorted and combined it was easy to see how to put everything back in, keeping like items together. Notice that there are still items that are stored in that closet because it is valuable space, however, guests can use the available two shelves and even have hanging space. The room is ready for the next guest!

Guest closet after 02

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