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If you could…

If you could organize any space at home or the office, what would you choose? If you didn’t have to worry about money, time, or your energy level what room would you choose? And please feel free to insert your own answer if it’s not listed.

This will help me post based upon what you want to see organized, thank you for participating!

{This poll will remain open until Sunday April 7th}

Wake up your work space with a pop of color!

poppin orange

I love the colorful stance Poppin makes on organizing products. The Poppin website is so much fun to look and play with, you can even design your own desk. The website also has a large selection of free printables and projects.
poppin pool blue poppin yellow

For more of my favorite organizing products check out:
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Don’t stop…

Have you ever started an organizing project to only get half way through and then stop? Are you frustrated with the lack of progress? Recently, I have come across many clients who had previously started to organize their closets, offices, living rooms, but for whatever reason had stopped. This lead to a feeling of defeat and resignation.

great wall of china

Imagine what it must have felt like for the builders of the Great Wall of China. Continue reading

Not Necessarily New: Better Uses for Old Things

records on stairs

Since they actually sell the frames for old records in craft supply stores, I don’t think I can claim this as a new use, however it is a better use than in storage. Displaying records as art is a great way to decorate a man cave or family rec room without spending too much money on decorations. CD frames are also available if you want to display cd album covers.

etsy album frame

I still recommend keeping your cds in the event of losing your digital version. CD storage boxes are easier to store sense they can stack and be placed on a shelf. I don’t recommend getting the CD binders because they store less without the cases and are harder to shelve. The boxes are also easier to label based upon type/genre/use.

CD storage box

Would love to hear what items you would like to display!

Birthday Calendar

birthday calendar

In honor of an important birthday for a family member, I thought I would remind those around me of other important dates.  Click on the birthday calendar for a free printable to help you remember those special dates. Enjoy!

What you need to hear

new day

Today is a new day. Even if yesterday was a total failure and you have piles everywhere, with mounting bills and screaming kids, today is a new day. And even if you don’t realize it, I’m thinking about your day as well.

You are the reason I will crawl into the back corner of your scary basement to remove the last little area of clutter. You are worth the effort and energy Continue reading