Ask the Organizer: Taming Tupperware

tupperware organization

“What is the best way to organize the tupperware cabinet”

When it comes to organizing your storage containers I recommend keeping the lids with the containers. I am all for quick and easy and this alleviates the guessing game, does this lid fit this container? Nesting is not for me. I’ve seen many clients who think nesting is the way to organize storage containers and it looks great the day you organize the cabinet. But come back in a week or two and it generally doesn’t stay organized because when you need a lid or one of the bottom containers the rest get tossed aside.

In the picture above, the client needed to store all the storage containers including water bottles and pitchers. We removed all the items from the cabinet, wiped down the shelves, sorted the items by type and size, then placed them back in the cabinet by frequency of use and type.

Hope this helps and keep the questions coming!!


2 thoughts on “Ask the Organizer: Taming Tupperware

  1. Al

    You are our new kitchen guru! If I could attach a picture of out tupperware cabinet to this comment, you could use it as a testimonial to what you just posted. Not only do the tops like to change places during the night., but I’m pretty sure they are procreating as well. From now on, we are going to make sure they are firmly attached to their chaperones!


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