Home Based Business Inventory Organization: Clearing off the Dining Room Table

Marykayorganizationbefore01This was a hard project to categorize because on one hand it is a dining room and on the other a home office. But that is the beauty of dual purpose rooms, they provide the best of both worlds. The hard part is making sure those worlds don’t collide and create an explosive reaction.


This client uses her dining room as a home office and demonstration center. It is a great space but lacks an organization system leaving it looking like this most of the time. In order to advance in the company, the client decided she want to get organized and contacted the Organizational Specialists for help.


The first thing we discussed was her ultimate goal, and for the time we had, we realized a perfect showroom would not be completed in 2 hours. However, we were able to categorize her inventory and create the beginning of a system that will really help reduce the clutter on the table and allow her to find inventory quickly.

Marykay organization after 01

The inventory we set up mirrored her demonstration process, allowing her to store items based on type and usage. We separated cosmetic supplies, skin care, color cosmetics, and speciality/glamour items. The demonstration items were then put in travel cases and the retail inventory stored in the dining room hutch. The three shelves in the hutch are broken down into the same categories; skincare, color cosmetics, and speciality glamour.

marykay skincare

Duplication of the same system across the entire inventory; demo items, retail, and sampling, allows the client to know what she has and where she has it.


Although we are were organizing cosmetics today this same type of categorical system can be used for many different types of small businesses. The ability to know what you have, where it is, and why you have it will not only streamline your inventory management but also allow clients to view the product without being distracted by the process.


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