Sequestration, an Opportunity for Organization!

Now that sequestration is in effect you might have more time on your hands (or less money). Instead of depending on Congress to agree on anything much less a budget, I view this as an opportunity to invest in yourself and your local community. Here are a few ideas for how you can spend your sequestration…

Budget image

1) Organize your financial budget. Why not show Congress how it’s done and review your expenditures. The Dave Ramsey website has an online budget tool or visit Mint to analyze your personal finances.

organizing and blogging books 02

2) Update (or create) a filing system. Reviewing your personal papers may give you some ideas on how you can earn money from your interests. For example, a decorating ability could turn into an interior design business. A love of crafting could turn into a shop on Etsy. Or you might just find money in your old papers (I have seen this more times than I can count).

3) Volunteer at your local Youth Center, Food Bank, or Rehab Center. With the cut in funding, social services throughout the country are taking a hit, so instead of relying on government to care for our neighbors now is a great time to start volunteering in your local community.

4) Invest in your investments. Weed the yard, repair the leaky faucet, wash the windows; these little repairs can have a huge impact on one of the biggest investments you already have.  And you might find that you enjoy the satisfaction of a job well done.

5) Organize a Sequestration Party! Instead of bashing any particular party why not host your own!

Let me know how you are celebrating sequestration…


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