Organizing the Grocery List

Grocery shopping is most likely something you do no matter if you eat out a lot or grow your own food, you still probably purchase a few items at the store. (This does not apply to Barbara Kingsolver* who I sincerely applaud and wish I had that level of commitment!)

In order that you don’t move back and forth in the aisles, wasting time and energy, I’ve created a quick grocery list that is organized similarly to a generic grocery store. You can print this page out and clip it to your refrigerator to add items as you need them. Then when you are at the store it will be easier to see what items you need in each department.

Another benefit is that you can give this list to some other member of your household and you might actually get the items requested. Good luck and happy shopping!

*Animal, Vegetable, Miracle – a book by Barbara Kingsolver chronicling her family’s endeavor to eat locally grown food.


4 thoughts on “Organizing the Grocery List

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