Purse Organization: Who else would you let look into your purse?

purse organization
I am a one purse a season type of woman, I don’t change purses very often but most of my clients, who are much more fashionable than I, treat their purses like an accessory and change them depending upon their outfit.  This requires oragnization, to be able to switch quickly between bags without leaving behind something vital.  Here are three items that will help keep you fashionable and organized without feeling flustered or overwhelmed.

purse organization wallet
The Essentials: Generally this goes without saying but have one wallet that contains your license or id, insurance card, credit cards, and any other payment method. This eliminates the potential of losing important documents.

purse organization 01
The Supplements: A business card holder can easily store 20 or more loyalty cards and gift certificates. Storing these items seperately from your wallet eliminates overcrowding and allows the potential for categorical holders.  For example, you might have one holder for loyalty cards and another for gift certificates.

purse organization 02

The Extras: Use a check file folder to contain any appointment cards, business cards, contact information, correspondence, necessary receipts, or articles of interest.  That way you don’t have a lot of little papers hanging out in the bottom of your purse.

purse organization 03

This type of tiered system makes it easy for a quick change and can be applied to briefcases as well.


7 thoughts on “Purse Organization: Who else would you let look into your purse?

    1. Peppermint Pinwheels

      I second that! My wallet is busting open, not because there’s a lot of cash inside, but because of all those darn cards!

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  2. KRWilson

    I took your advice on this one! What a difference. Of course, I needed a few extras. The change is unbelievable. One week down!


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