VHS Tapes: New uses for old things

VHS tape as art

In my job, I come across LOTS of boxes of old VHS tapes. Some of my clients don’t necessarily want to get rid of the old tapes because of the memories attached to them.  A creative way to display the movies without adding to the clutter is to create a mural out of the cases.  Using corkboard attach the movies to the corkboard with some type of adhesive (push pins were used in the picture above). Then attach the corkboard using wall mounting tape. This is a great display piece for a man cave or dorm room.

The actual VHS tapes can be donated to a local library or shelter (confirm that they take VHS tapes prior to donation).

I would love to hear how you’ve taken something old and turned it into something new!


6 thoughts on “VHS Tapes: New uses for old things

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