The Economy of Clutter

self storage unit

One of the biggest obstacles for me in my profession is the storage unit. When coming across an item that just doesn’t fit anywhere in the home, I often hear “I’ll just put it in the storage unit”.  This is hard for me to hear on several levels. One, my ultimate goal is for you to be able to enjoy your space without delaying what you are going to keep and where. Two, the amount of money that is spent per month is staggering, I’d rather see you use that money elsewhere. Three, I know that it might seem easier to move the item to the storage unit but at some point you will have to make a decision and now is the time to decide what to do with the clutter, don’t delay it by moving it around.

self storage cost comparison 01

Based upon my own research of several Uhaul, Cubesmart, and Extra Space facilities, the average cost for a climate controlled 10′ x 10′ unit is $160/month. The above graph depicts what you can get for $160/month over the course of a year, and after 480 lattes and 1920 movies you will definitely need 36 hours with a personal trainer. The same amount still only gets you 1 storage unit.

Now I fully understand that there is a necessity for some storage facilities, military personnel and those living abroad temporarily would have no alternative were it not for storage facilities.  But there are approximately 49,000 self storage facilities in the United States as of 2011. The total rentable space is 2.3 billion square feet or 3 times the size of Manhattan. We could fit every American underneath the roof of this facility (2011) (Self Storage Association).

So before renting a storage space really think through what it is your storing and why, it could save you a lot of money.


5 thoughts on “The Economy of Clutter

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  2. Alex Jones

    It is an amazing waste of personal financial resources to invest in storage facilities. I try to keep my clutter to a minimum so I never need such facilities.

    1. Organizational Specialist Post author

      I know for a lot of my clients the storage facility was meant to be a temporary solution that slowly became more permanent. I was hoping to give them some visual idea of the financial impact that clutter had on their lives.


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