What you need to hear

new day

Today is a new day. Even if yesterday was a total failure and you have piles everywhere, with mounting bills and screaming kids, today is a new day. And even if you don’t realize it, I’m thinking about your day as well.

You are the reason I will crawl into the back corner of your scary basement to remove the last little area of clutter. You are worth the effort and energy that it will take to wade through those heaps of documents stored in the crawl space. You deserve those 5 minutes of quiet to discover what it is you truly want out of your surroundings. It is very difficult for me to see you living in these circumstances, with clutter and stress weighing you down. If you only knew how much I think about your space after I’m gone. What more could I have done to improve your surroundings? Was the shelf built too high for you to reach? Should I have pressed you harder so that we could have finished the project?

So if I see you this way, the person who sees everything you have and all that you have done, if I think you are worth that time and energy, then it would be really great if you would start believing me.

The reason I say this is because you need to have the confidence in yourself to believe in your own decisions. I can lead you and guide you but ultimately you need to believe that saying yes I will donate this, or give this away, or throw that away is the best decision. And the only way I know how to help you is for you to realize that you are worth it.

{Photo Credit: Inscendo}

{Photo Credit: Inscendo}


6 thoughts on “What you need to hear

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  2. gaellebythesea

    Funny enough, I did have someone coming round my house years ago and did this process. It kind of helped but ran out of funds before completion. Saying that I put solutions in place. this time I have to organize my whole house before moving back in after being currently remodeled. This time feels different. It is not because I have too but because I want to and I am making it fun.
    Thank you for dropping by on my blog and following it. Leave me a note sometime if you feel some of the tips are useful. it is always good to have feedback. 🙂
    Gaelle from http://www.gaellebythesea.wordpress.com

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