Don’t stop…

Have you ever started an organizing project to only get half way through and then stop? Are you frustrated with the lack of progress? Recently, I have come across many clients who had previously started to organize their closets, offices, living rooms, but for whatever reason had stopped. This lead to a feeling of defeat and resignation.

great wall of china

Imagine what it must have felt like for the builders of the Great Wall of China.  It took over 1000 years to build. And it is believed that it was built in segments, not continuously. So although the full wall wasn’t realized immediately, nor were all the resources in place at the beginning, the great wonder was built due to the fact that the builders didn’t stop, they kept going.

Michael Jackson said it best, “Keep on with the force don’t stop, Don’t stop till you get” the results you want. Okay so he didn’t say that exactly but you get my point. And if you listen to the song enough times you realize that he says that same line over and over and over again.  Great things take time, perseverence, and repetition, don’t stop believing.

Do you feel stuck in a project?  Or have you completed a great wonder in your home or office?  I would love to hear about it!


4 thoughts on “Don’t stop…

  1. dorannrule

    I plunge right in to organizing virtual/real photographs from about 20 albums inherited from relatives. So many duplicates, so many memories to get me sidetracked. I am trying to clump years together into newer albums, but it’s an endless process resulting in discouragement. Will this project ever get done or is it like the Great Wall of China? Love your post(s)! 🙂

  2. Organizational Specialist Post author

    Becoming the family archivist is a full time job! But I can only imagine that if the memories are great enough to get you sidetracked than the end result will be just as wonderful! Sometimes when working with a lot of photos I prefer to use photo boxes instead of albums. That way I can sort a lot faster without having to insert photo pages and I can journal on notecards as I go along. Also I don’t have to worry if some of the photos or memorabilia are too big for an album. Good luck and let me know how it goes!

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