Organized Organization: A project syllabus to keep you on track

One of the reasons I loved college, was on the first day of class every professor would hand out a syllabus.  A nice organized page which contained a brief description of the class, the professors information including office hours, materials needed, and assignment descriptions with deadlines.  The entire class, all on one page. Who doesn’t love that type of organization!?

Project syllabus blank

So I created a similar syllabus for any organization project.  It is one sheet that can include all the basic information for any project; description, people involved, goal, budget, “assignments”, timeline, and supplies needed. This will help you get organized and stay focused during the process.

Project syllabus with directions

This might seem like overkill but I’ve seen how projects can be derailed if there is not a clear plan in place. It only takes minutes to fill out and can really save time and energy when you need to refocus.

And if the project gets large enough the sheet can double as a table of contents for a binder. I love dual purpose possibilities!

I would love to hear how you stay on top of your organizing projects!

4 thoughts on “Organized Organization: A project syllabus to keep you on track

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