Basement Organization

I love organizing basements!  When organized with a purpose, it can offer such a huge impact on the home, utilizing all available space and helping increase the value of your home.

{Photo credit:}

{Basement Family Area, Photo credit:}

The picture above is the perfect example of what a basement can be, an entertaining and relaxing space.  Basements are wonderful because they are so multipurpose, but because they tend to lack a clear definition it is easy to let them become filled with clutter.

{Photo Credit: Mommy Musings}

{Photo Credit: Mommy Musings}

{Purpose} That is why the first step in organizing the basement is to determine the ultimate goal of the space. What do you want your basement to be; organized storage space, family gathering area, work space, or an in-law suite? Once you know what you are working towards its a lot easier to figure out how to begin to organize.

basement storage shelves

{Basement Storage Space, Photo credit: Unknown}

{Plan} The second step is to plan how you are going to complete your goal. Does the basement need to be refinished? Do you need to budget in order to be able to afford your goals? Can you work towards your goal in a multi phase process? Don’t be afraid to ask for quotes regarding finishing the basement, adding shelves, or installing light fixtures. And use this planning tool to help keep you on track.

{Prepare} The third step is to begin sorting and categorizing items that are already in the basement. This is generally the least exciting phase of the project but the most important in order to have lasting long term effects. Toys, work out equipment, household decor, memorabilia, and document storage are all common categories I’ve found in basement organization.

{Photo credit: HGTV}

{Photo credit: HGTV}

{Put Away} Finding a home for everything can be difficult if adequate storage isn’t taken into account in the previous step. Make sure to include some storage space in your design to avoid a repeat of clutter. And I have found lighting is key in keeping a basement organized.  I think it helps to make the space more inviting as in the picture above of the basement play area.

The reason I think the basement can be difficult to organize is because it takes time and energy to start the process.  I hope that by showing you what the space could be, you will be motivated to realize what you can look forward to enjoying.

I would love to hear about your organizing projects!


5 thoughts on “Basement Organization

    1. Organizational Specialist Post author

      Basements can take some time but I’ve seen some great living spaces emerge from some pretty dark places, just make sure you drink plenty of coffee. 🙂 I also recommend using a categorical sorting method which makes it easier to stop in the midst of any project with the ability to pick it up again once you have the time. Good luck and I’d love to hear more about your project!


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