Jewelry Organization: Simple Solutions for Storing Jewelry

One of my clients had an amazing assortment of jewelry but never wore any of it because it was either too difficult to find the appropriate piece or it had become tangled. Below are some of my simple solutions on how to store jewelry so that it is readily accessible without taking up too much space.

jewelry organization

Store small items in these small resealable bags when organizing jewelry. That way you can put multiple items in containers without them becoming tangled or lost. It’s also helpful when traveling because the pieces are ready to go.

jewelry organizer

A lot of the jewelry sorters make it difficult to keep necklaces or bracelets from becoming tangled, therefore I recommend either using resealable bags or using a straw. Both will keep items neat and sorted without requiring individual compartments for each piece of jewelry.

I don’t recommend the tabletop jewelry stands unless you use them to display items.  They don’t hold very much and tend to add more clutter to dressers and nightstands.

Hope this helps and would love to hear about your solutions for storing jewelry!


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