Raising the Bar

gym barbells organizing

Ever walk into the gym and just feel overwhelmed, uncertain where to begin? Let me tell you how I came to hire a personal trainer so I would never have that problem again. {I promise to bring it back to organizing just hang with me}.

I had just started going to the gym and only knew how to use certain equipment, therefore I was always focused on completing the very little that I knew in order to feel like I was at least doing something.

One day I became very frustrated because a gentleman, who had a very smelly cast on his leg, was parked at one of the few pieces of equipment that I knew how to use. I must have circled the apparatus at least 5 times waiting for him to move.


As we were leaving the gym, my husband asked me if I had seen Dwayne Johnson, to which I replied no. He thought that was funny since I had basically stalked the man. Turns out ‘The Rock’ had ruptured his Achilles tendon and was trying to maintain his exercise regimen while recuperating. He had to stay seated while exercising so he just stayed at that one spot the whole time. I was so embarrassed that I avoided going to the gym for a while. However, I realized that my mistake wasn’t going to the gym it was not knowing how to workout appropriately, thus I hired a personal trainer.

You might not have had a Dwayne Johnson experience but you might understand the feeling of not knowing what you are doing nor how to do it. Not until someone showed you how to use the equipment and the best exercises for your body, did you actually begin to think that this could be a good thing, that you might actually enjoy going to the gym, or at least the benefits.

garage organization

Garage Before

Organizing is very similar to exercising, you can begin on your own and do a pretty good job, you might even try a few different things but then interest begins to fade due to lack of results or you just get bored. Here is where a professional organizer can step in and provide guidance, training, support, and assistance.

garage organization

Garage After

So for those who feel defeated by yet another box or more clutter, you might consider how a professional organizer can help. Not only do we provide you with another set of eyes and ears but we are trained professionals, we know what will work for you and how to help you keep it that way.

Just think, had I known how to work the equipment I might have impressed Dwayne Johnson so much that I would be the next star in the Faster and more Furious #6.

Have questions or want to find out more about hiring a professional organizer, please feel free to contact me, or check out the National Association of Professional Organizers (www.napo.net) for an organizer near you. Please feel free to comment!


6 thoughts on “Raising the Bar

  1. dorannrule

    What a grand blog you have! I was especially taken with the cluttered room that reminds me of the Hoarders t.v. show. There they really need a professional to help. I may discard too many things in an effort to avoid such chaos, but sometimes I do get discouraged and just stop. Thanks for sharing your wonderful approach to organizing life.

  2. Pat

    Fantastic story! And, AWESOME garage transformation!! Love it! As always, you do spectacular work my friend!! 🙂


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