Yard Sales: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

It’s the beginning of yard sale season and I thought I would try and explain my complicated opinion of yard sales.

yard sale organize

{Yard Sale by Charles L. Peterson}

{Good} I actually enjoy yard sales, not necessarily for the chance to get rid of unused items or the potential earnings from sales but because of the ability to meet new and interesting people. It amazes me how little neighbors know each other and yard sales give you that opportunity to get out and talk to those living right beside you. Case in point, I was hosting a yard sale at someone’s home and two separate neighbors thought that I was the homeowner.

{Bad} The amount of work that goes into preparing for the event and the earnings from sales are generally not worth the effort put into a good yard sale. Before hosting a sale really examine if the items you have are worth selling, versus donating them to a local charity and receiving the benefits of a tax deduction. Turbotax It’s Deductible tracks your annual deductions online for free.

{Ugly} How many times have you come back from a yard sale with more items that you don’t really need. I am sure there are several examples that even my family can give of deals that they have gotten at flea markets and yard sales, however, that isn’t always the case. And sometimes the deal is more about how much you paid for the item versus how much you actually needed the item. So before purchasing really consider if this is something you need versus just a good deal.

And if you really feel that you have items that are worth holding a yard sale, then check out the Yard Sale Queen for good advice on hosting your own yard sale. She has great tips on pricing, advertising, and some interesting yard sale stories. I would love to hear your yard sale stories!


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