Preparing for Travel: Who else types up your pet care instructions?

I like to give my my clients who travel frequently an organized approach to preparing to leave. (Really I’m just jealous and want to live vicariously.) Below are a few suggestions for getting ready to travel.

travel Rodin

The Thinker, Musee de Rodin

{Taking care of business} I recommend setting up an automatic email reply for your business accounts. In the email, include when you will be able to reply back to their email and who they can contact in case of an emergency.  I don’t always recommend setting up this type of reminder on your personal email due to safety concerns. For detailed guidelines on how to set up this reminder check out these links for gmail accounts, outlook accounts, or yahoo accounts.

{Hold it} Even if you will only be gone a week I advise holding your mail.  USPS has an online form to make holding mail very easy and convenient.

{Pets} Type up pet care instructions including food, medication, and walking schedule.  Also make sure to provide an emergency contact in case something happens to you or the pet sitter. Contact your veterinarian for pet sitter recommendations or visit Pet Sitters International or the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters for assistance.

{Plants} For trips less than 1 week, I recommend placing house plants in the bathtub and watering the day of departure. For longer trips you may need to hire a house sitter.

{No place like home} For trips longer than 4 to 5 days, I suggest having someone check in. And even for shorter trips make sure there is someone who can access your home in case of emergencies.

{Credit Check} Contact your credit card company to notify them of any travel, this will let the company know that the out of town charges aren’t fraudulent.

{Assistance abroad} For information on traveling abroad check out the state department’s travel website. And consider enrolling in the STEP program in order to expedite assitance while out of country.

{ICE} In Case of Emergency, set up a person who can be contacted in case of emergency and who has your itinerary. That way if something happens at home there will be multiple means of contacting you.

For business travelers, check out Entrepreneur’s guide to frequent travel for more information and tips.

Hope these suggestions help and would love to hear any of your travel preparation ideas.


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