Organizing your Child’s Artwork

The end of the school year is upon us and nothing says Welcome Summer like a huge amount of school activities and “presents” for Mom and Dad. The amount of items that each child brings home throughout the school year can be enough to take down any organization system. There are many different ways to organize your child’s papers and artwork but here are a few creative ways to display or use those items.

Digitized Fabric

fabric child art

You can upload your child’s designs onto Spoonflower and create custom fabric, wall decals, and more.

Artwork + Storage

box frame art

These box frames come in many sizes and can hold a large amount of paper behind the main image. Rotate the artwork or highlight your favorites without needing extra storage space.

Wrapping Paper

child art wrapping paper

{Photo Credit:}

Family members will love to catch a glimpse of your child’s achievements especially if there is a gift involved. This is also a great way to recycle!

How do you manage your child’s take home items?


8 thoughts on “Organizing your Child’s Artwork

      1. dragonfly1121

        Maybe I will take a swing at that….ok you’re redeemed now. It really is a cool idea and I still have some of the kids artwork so I will definitely check it out.

      1. monkeyneedle

        It is a fun tour. If you ever plan to be down this way, be sure to call and make an appointment. Becca does the tours and she will be happy to schedule one that works for you.

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