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The results of the time challenge; when I learned not to say, it couldn’t get any worse

Last week I challenged myself to account for every hour of the day in order to better understand how I spend my time. I am not the first to come up with this idea, the Bureau of Labor and Statistics has been publishing a similar survey since 2003.

american time use 2011 Continue reading

Up for a challenge?

There are some exciting things happening at Organizational Specialists including a collaboration that should be launched at the end of next month. With more opportunity comes more work which means less time for my Downton Abbey and Jimmy Fallon addictions. In order to keep up I need to spend my time wisely, leading me to develop this challenge… Continue reading

My 3 Favorite DIY Closet Systems


{Photo Credit: Closetmaid}

Whether for budget reasons or just the satisfaction of doing it yourself, there are┬ámany reasons to install your own closet system. There are a lot of different closet systems available to the consumer, here are a few of my favorites… Continue reading