Shed Organization

shed organizing gardenI am such a fan of cute outdoor spaces! Sheds can be a such a great addition to your home by increasing storage and work space. Below are a few of my suggestions to keep this space functional.

{Store it right} Sheds are great spaces for storing tools, outdoor furniture, gardening supplies etc, but they do not fair as well when storing memorabilia or decorations due to the lack of climate and humidity control. I have seen a lot of moldy boxes, boxes filled with bugs, and destroyed memorabilia, therefore I recommend storing photos, important documents, home decor, and painting supplies inside.

{Get in the Zone} Even in small spaces, I like to create zones for each activity; gardening, lawn care, home maintenance, etc. This makes it very easy to put items away without really having to think about where it will go. The best way to do this is by adding storage solutions that fit your specific items.

shed organization storage

For example, this shed has several different zones created for gardening, lawncare, and tool storage.

{Reach new heights} The best way to create valuable space in the shed is by adding shelves and lofts. This is a very easy project that won’t take very long and can make a huge difference. Some simple directions can be found here and here.

{Make it Work} Tailor the organizational system to your needs. This client doesn’t have much time to grab garden tools, so we store them in a 5 gallon bucket with liner for quick access.

Would love to hear how you have personalized your storage space!

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