Planning for the unexpected

Everyone asks what is the key to successfully organizing a space.

Abraham Lincoln quote planning

Even good old Abe knew that planning was essential to success. However, even a great plan can’t take into account all future unknowns. Flexibility and the openess to change can make all the difference between frustration and contentment.  So how do you plan for the unexpected?

{Keep Systems Simple} When the going gets tough you don’t want to have to maintain complicated systems.  A simple filing system can be a life saver. Check out Record Retention for more information on paper management.

{Get Back to Basics} If you are overwhelmed I recommend sticking to the basics; knowing what you have, where you have it, and why.  Notice I didn’t say renovate a closet or try the latest pinterest organizing project, those can come when you have more time. Sticking with the basics will help you see what might work within the new changes.

{Find joy in the little things} Take a moment to step back from the chaos; go for a walk, talk to a friend, read a good book.  Taking a few minutes to breathe can really help when tackling new challenges.

{Ask for help} Whether from a professional or a friend, sometimes help is the best way to get through those tough changes both physically and emotionally.

Would love to hear how you dealt with the unexpected.

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*Totally unrelated to organizing but what is it with Presidents and cutting down trees?

{Photo Credit: Rick Wilking Photography}

{Photo Credit: Rick Wilking Photography}



7 thoughts on “Planning for the unexpected

  1. Jean

    The tree thing is hilarious! My live-in boyfriend likes to put things away in the nearest open space. So if we run out of toothpaste, I am likely to go back with the new tube and find there is hair gel in its space. I’m thinking of getting out my label-maker. Or maybe I could tape up pictures like I did with my now-adult kids in their old toy room.

    1. Organizational Specialist Post author

      That is so funny because I actually had a male client tell me he wouldn’t read the labels so not to even label anything. We ended up using color-coded stickers. Honestly I think labeling would have been far easier 🙂

      1. Organizational Specialist Post author

        If you have the space I recommend two separate spaces for toiletries, maybe a draw or a shelf. That way it’s a little easier to maintain some organization. I even get two separate tubes of toothpaste, because that happens in many households 🙂

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