Book Review for Back to School Organization

School supplies

There is no better time to get organized than the start of the school year. New supplies, fresh starts, and perfect weather help motivate and inspire even the least likely candidate to get organized.

Ana Homayoun school organization
Logical, informative, and easy to follow, Ana Homayoun’s That Crumpled Paper was Due Last Week, is the best school organization book I’ve read to date. I can see how she would have so many successes with her positive outlook and methodical approach to helping disorganized and distracted boys succeed in school and life. I would even suggest that this practicial advice is for all, not just boys!

The book describes in detail how to set up school binders, study space, and an effective planner. But the best part of this book is Homayoun’s knowledge regarding how to discuss these topics with a teenage boy.  Using their personal goals as the motivation for organizing is just one way that Homayoun moves past the typical teen angst to promote academic success. The book includes a goal worksheet, time-management worksheet, and a supply list to help get you started.

Relinquishing preconceptions and letting go of systems that don’t work are ideas that anyone can use when trying to get organized. Homayoun’s example of Miles resisting the binder system because all he knew was the accordian file is something I come across frequently when trying to incoporate new systems.  Letting go is difficult to do but the benefits far outweigh the challenges.

There are many more topics discussed in this book including parental over-involvement, techniques that don’t work, and learning strategies. However, I think the overall takeaway is that you as a parent provide your child with the tools for success including supplies, space, and a positive emotional environment, but the student is the one who uses them, sometimes with success and other times with mistakes, so that over time they will be able to develop their own organizational systems.

I would love to hear how you’ve prepared for the new school year!


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