Organizing For a Fantasy Football Draft

Fantasy Football Draft

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In an effort to show others how organizing can be benificial in many aspects, not just for organizing a linen closet, I thought I would tackle the topic of Fantasy Football. In full disclosure, this is my own research on how to begin the process of organizing a fantasy football team, meaning I had to start from scratch.

{Back to Basics} For background information on Fantasy Football I recommend reading Fantasy Football 101. This gives the framework for understanding the process of setting up your draft and made me realize how important a good team name is for league credibility.

{Set the Score} First determine the type of league, so you can determine how the scoring system is set up. Some examples include head-to-head, total points, keeper, and survivor leagues. For in-depth descriptions of each read Fantasy Football Leagues.

For example in a head-to-head, the scoring is based on the teams with the highest win/loss records. In a total points league, the teams with the most accumulated points advance to the playoffs.   Understanding the scoring system will help you understand how to set up your draft.

{Position to Win} Many websites are set up with the information needed for each type of league and scoring system.  All you have to do is review the online rankings by position or overall draft rank based upon your type of scoring system. There are SO MANY websites that provide a large amount of data but I would recommend using well known sites first, such as ESPN, Sports Illustrated, and Fox Sports.

In order to narrow it down, experts recommend selecting one guide for overall position and one guide for ranking by player position. That way, during the drafting process you can pick based upon what position you need to fill or by potential scoring needs.

{Draft Day Prep} After selecting an awesome name, (my favorite thus far is RGIIIs wedding registry), and your draft guides, you are ready for draft day. Some people prefer to have printouts of the draft guides so that during the draft they aren’t switching between the league site and the rankings.

For some draft pick help, Joel Beall of Fox Sports recommends selecting two running backs in your first three draft picks and not rushing to select a quarterback.

{Offline vs Online} If you are lucky enough to have the time and ability to gather your entire league you might be able to draft offline. However, using an online draft system like ESPN, Yahoo, or CBS Sports, makes the administrative aspect easy by eliminating the need for everyone to be in the same place and ensures that everyone’s picks are available and timely .

Good luck and have fun!


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