100 Days Until Christmas

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It might seem early, but for those who find themselves scrambling to get ready for Christmas, it might be helpful to start preparing now. Here are a few tips to help make your season bright.

{Create Naughty and Nice List} Even Santa creates a list of who is receiving gifts, I recommend writing down a full list of who you plan on purchasing presents for. Then create a budget! That way if you have 20 people on your list and you only want to spend $200 total, then you know you can’t spend $50 per person.

{Make it Personal} With time comes the ability to make personal gifts; photo albums, play mats, puzzles, etc. And if crafting is not for you, there are many shops on www.etsy.com that will personalize and customize to your specifications.

Christmas organizing with sleighs

{Sleighs instead of stockings} Instead of filling stockings why not introduce sleighs? Using simple boxes, wrapping paper, and a label you can create a unique storage container as well as Christmas decoration. You can store the boxes and place items in them throughout the year, helping you visualize what you already have and what you might still need.

{Wrap it up} With all the Holiday activities it is difficult to get anything done after Thanksgiving. So I suggest planning on ending your Christmas purchasing prior to Black Friday. This may not work for last minute gifts however you will have the majority of your shopping already behind you.

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10 thoughts on “100 Days Until Christmas

  1. TheELMLife

    Very timely post – I’m planning a 100 days til Christmas post for tonight! Preparing for the holiday is a key way to ensure they don’t sneak up on you. Every month I stash away $50 so that when Christmas rolls around, I have $600 for gifts and I don’t dread January’s credit card statement. I’ve also started my shopping too! The key is to keep track of what you’ve bought earlier in the year so you don’t double up!

    1. Organizational Specialist Post author

      Recently I’ve been trying to make Christmas presents or at least personalize them which requires a little bit more time than just the days between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Otherwise I wouldn’t be writing about Christmas so early. I look forward to your post!

  2. Sandra from It's Tidy Time

    Reblogged this on It's Tidy Time! and commented:
    Christmas doesn’t need to be stressful-if you plan ahead, you’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish, and afford!
    Great post by Organizational Specialist!!

  3. dragonflyzia

    I have already started also…..but when you make things…you have to plan ahead. I keep trying to point out to my kids, don’t buy it because it is a good deal….buy it because it means something. Thanks for the reminder! 🙂

    1. Organizational Specialist Post author

      I love giving gifts, but sometimes I try to put too much into the gift instead of just enjoying the season. Glad you enjoyed! PS, I would never sew if I had to go down to the “vault”. Its hard enough just having to go upstairs. Good luck with all your projects!


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