Don’t Stop Believing

training organizing
I am currently training for a 5K race held in honor of a friend. Those who know me well understand that this is a true commitment on my part because, although I am active, I am neither a runner nor someone who really likes the monotonous moments of training.

However, this process has truly helped me understand what a lot of my clients are facing, a seemingly unattainable goal, requiring hard work and a large investment of time. The course set before them might require setting up different habits or facing past loses or anxieties. But I believe the best advice I’ve every received in training can be summed up in one Journey song, “Don’t Stop Believin”.  You can reach the goal set out before you with a little planning, focus, help, and motivation.

{Plan} I’m not training for a marathon, my goal is much more attainable. Have an end goal in sight that makes sense for you, where you are. For example, if you know that you would like to have guests for the weekend, start with the guest room bed, it’s not essential that the hall closet be perfect.

{Focus} Keep sight of the end goal! It’s funny how distracting a sock can be, so many times I see clients jump from one project to another all because of one item that took their focus off the end goal. My advice is write down your goal, include a timeline, think through some potential steps, then tell others about your progress. They might want to “run” with you!

{Help} You are not running this race alone! There are so many others who face this same goal of wanting to enjoy life and not be weighed down by stuff.  Yes you might be moving at a different pace or you might not have been able to start moving forward yet but I think its important for you to understand that you aren’t alone in this struggle.

When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it. –Henry Ford

{Motivation} What is motivating you to want to organize? Don’t let someone or something else dictate what you are moving towards or why. The reason I say this is because there will be difficulties ahead and unless you are motivated to move forward it might be too difficult to continue in the journey. Sometimes you just need to hear that you are worth the effort.

I would love to hear some challenges you have faced and finished!


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