Psychology of Organizing

organizing psychology

I saw this quote on a mug and had to wonder, could it possibly be true? Do I teach others to be organized because I am just so lazy that I don’t want to have to look for things?  I do tell my clients that I want to work myself out of a job. So is the psychology behind organizing that I am truly lazy?

I would love to hear your thoughts!


6 thoughts on “Psychology of Organizing

  1. Sandra from It's Tidy Time

    That’s hysterical! I had a friend in high school that used to say that. He really was truly lazy but it didn’t make him organized, it made him EFFICIENT. He’d do whatever it took to make one trip instead of two, into the kitchen or any other room, cut corners wherever appropriate, etc. I would totally argue that lazy people are probably extremely efficient, but organized? I doubt it. And I would certainly say that it people who crave peace of mind and a calm household love to be organized so they can keep it that way – organizing also helps you stay super-efficient of course. But lazy? It takes a bit of work to GET organized, but just the same energy to stay organized once you have put systems in place. If you were lazy, you’d unlikely have any motivation necessary to get organized and you certainly wouldn’t have started your own business, not to mention blog.
    Fear not, my un-lazy, super motivated, and powerful friend!

  2. gaellebythesea

    maybe when you do find some ways of organizing yourself it is actually good for you to rip the benefits of the systems and ideas you have put in place. nothing wrong with that.


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