2013 Christmas Gift Guide

Oprah just released her list of favorite things for the 2013 Holiday Season. And while the items are wonderful, not everyone has the money nor the space for a stand alone deep fryer.

Here are some of my suggestions to help you find gifts for all your loved ones this holiday season! All items listed below are under $50 in order to help you stay within your budgeting goals.

{For Kids}

Kid Activity Kits

I can not say enough about the BabbaCo Activity Boxes!  Starting at $29.99, these boxes are shipped to you and will make any kid smile as they become a secret agent or an incredible artist.  These craft and activity boxes can be purchased as an ongoing subscription or a one-time gift.

Kapla Blocks

Build your imagination with Kapla blocks. These simple pine blocks can be transformed into amazingly complex structures and are easily stored! Sets start at $20 and come in a variety of colors.

{For the Woman who makes you shine}

Swarovski Drop Earrings

Add some sparkle to her holiday with these Swarovski Drop Earrings from Touchstone Crystals for $45. These beautiful earrings in Light Azore around silver enamel and Crystal Blue Shade with antique silver plating and anickel-free leverback closure, will brighten any day!

{For the Family}

Peppermint Pinwheels Advent Calendar

Peppermint Pinwheels Pennent Advent Calendar is a gorgeous addition to your holiday family tradition. The pattern can be downloaded for $9 or you can be purchase a one of a kind piece here.

Beat the Parents board game

Beat the Parents! Kids battle the parents in this board game from Spin Masters!  Great family gift! Toys R US lists at $10.

{For Teens}

Bondi Phone Charger

Keep your hands free with this unique cell phone storage system.  Bondi wraps around the phone and has a hook that can hang on multiple items, from a charger to a belt loop. (Amazon  $11.99).

{For Kids of All Ages}

Personalized Straw

{Photo: lamomsdig.com}

Never again question which drink belongs to you with these personalized straws from Krazystraws! Straws begin at $3.99

Giant Gummy Snake

Who wouldn’t want a 7 foot tall, 26 pound gummy snake. Not recommended to be eaten alone, it serves 306 people. The smaller version at 2 1/2 feet is $17.95.

{For the Person who likes to be prepared}

Hand Crank Flashlight and Phone Charger

Hand Crank Flashlight and Phone Charger – He will always be prepared with this powerful LED flashlight and convenient phone charger. From REI for $15

{For the Person with Everything}

Shutterfly notepads

I love these personalized notepads from Shutterfly!  Who wouldn’t want to check off their to-do list on this customized stationery! Starting at $14.99.

American Red Cross

Help nations around the world recover from disasters and provide life saving support by donating to the Red Cross in honor of loved ones. The Red Cross accepts multiple donation options.

And I always say that the best present is your presence, so send a note, make the call, or drop by for a visit. Enjoy!


9 thoughts on “2013 Christmas Gift Guide

  1. Lois Field

    Kristin, you have some interesting suggestions here. I have a crank flashlight on my wishlist and this one would be perfect, I also give books and games as gifts regularly and I’m heading over to check out the BabbaCo activity boxes now.

    1. Organizational Specialist Post author

      REI also has a crank flashlight with phone charger but it is specific to certain cell phones, so I didn’t include it in the list. I love the BabbaCo activity boxes and would recommend subscribing to their email list as they send out great ideas, recipes, and offers.

      1. Lois Field

        I will check out the other flash light with the phone charger and see if it would work with my phone.

        I did subscribe to the BabbaCo email list, with little ones around several times a week and being stuck indoors more I can use all the ideas I can get. 🙂

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