America Recycles Day

Because I see so much excess in my job, I truly appreciate unique ways of using everyday items. I love to see someone’s treasure take on new life instead of becoming trash. And in honor of America Recycles Day on November 15th, here are a few of my favorite posts on new uses for old things.

{Kitchen Utensils as Hooks}

Utensils hook

{photo credit: salvage shack}

{VHS Tapes as Art}

vhs tapes art

{Wine Rack as a Desk Organizer}

wine rack organizing

{Old Belt as Tool Storage}

belt tool storage

I would love to hear how you have transformed unused items and given them new life!


One thought on “America Recycles Day

  1. jennifromrollamo

    We have an infant/youg child dresser that my inlaws gave us when our firstborn was expected 22 years ago. It is a mini-armoire on one side, drawers on the other side. A perfect place to put baby and toddler clothing. Our youngest is now 10, so it wasn’t a practical piece to keep anymore, and I debated selling it. Then, I noticed that our new to us new home didn’t have as much storage space(no basement) so I decided to keep the infant/child dresser and it is a mini-linen closet. It holds extra sheets, pillowcases, in the drawers, and the armoire side holds extra pillows and a blankets.


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