Organizing a Child’s Birthday Party

Elmo Birthday Party

Here are a few suggestions for organizing a child’s birthday. I have a lot of material and won’t be posting it all, so if you have a specific question please feel free to comment below!

{Invitations} My mother always said age +1 for determing the number of invitees, however, I have no such illusion of limitations. I do recommend sending the invitations out as early as possible and agree with Emily Post’s recommendation of sending them 6 to 8 weeks prior to the party. This way you will potentially be able to know how many to expect and plan accordingly.

Elmo birthday party itinerary
{Party Planning} Whether you are hosting the event yourself or having it at a party facility, I recommend having a schedule prepared so that there is no downtime. Including potential ‘rain’ games that could be played indoors if you are planning an outdoor party.

Elmo Party Games

I also like having a brief description of each activity, that way someone can quickly take over in the event that the host is called elsewhere.

elmo party food

{Menu} I have seen some pretty elaborate menus for children’s parties but I try and stick with simple foods that are age appropriate that include healthy alternatives. I also like having signs even if it’s easy to know what each item is, it helps in placement and not forgetting something in the refrigerator.

birthday goodie bags

{Goodie Bags} I am not a huge fan of goodie bags from children’s birthday parties because they tend to be filled with things that generally clutter junk drawers. So I recommend items like coloring pages & crayons, fun straws, thematic stickers or books, and I try and stay away from food items for younger children’s parties.  If you are making different bags make sure to designate which bag goes home with which kid, either labeling them by name or my preference, different colored ribbons.

Elmo goodie bags

I hope this encourages you, even if just to make you smile at the intense Elmo face!

Clipart from Shery K Designs


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