When to Become a Professional

When I mention what I do for a living, I get varying degrees of reactions; the never-heard-of-such-a-profession, the I-need-you-immediately, and the most common response, I-could-totally-do-your-job.

I think it is wonderful that so many people enjoy living and working in organized spaces, it makes my job a lot easier.  However being a Professional Organizer requires far more than just loving organization; you have to truly love people.

Succes in professional organizing

Because ultimately that is what you are “organizing”; stuff is just the physical representation of these people lives, and if you don’t love dealing with people and all their baggage, then I would recommend sticking with the career you currently enjoy. If you love organization, professional organizing might not be the right  path, especially since you will be dealing with disorganization every minute you are working.

Professional organizer

So if you still believe you would make a great Professional Organizer let me ask you a few quick questions. What is your first response upon seeing a room full of bags, magazines, and newspapers? Do you want to immediately clear the space or do you want to get to know the amazingly thoughtful woman behind the piles? In a garage filled with broken electronics, wires, and manuals is your first response to grab the trash bags or find out more about this helpful, analytical man?

I have talked about what I do, why I do it, and how I do it because it all comes down to the fact that I love helping people live happier, healthier lives in a space they can enjoy. So if you love people and are equipped with the ability to help them through organization, then I say this is the perfect job. Because no other job lets you in to people’s hearts all while using cute containers and pretty labels.


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