Best and Worst Organizational Moments in the News: 2013 Edition

As a final review for the year, I started to compile a list of my top ten posts but decided you already picked my top ten, they can be viewed on the right. Therefore, for this year in review I will award the best and worst organizational moments that happened in the news.

Best and Worst organizational moments 2013

{Best Organization of a Large Group}

Birds organizing

This flock of starlings seen in Ireland, were amazingly organized. They moved at such fast speeds, seemingly creating beautiful images including that of a duck and turtle/alligator.

{Worst Organization of a Large Group}

Government Shutdown 2013

The United States Government was shutdown for 16 days in 2013 with lasting operational, political, and economic effects.  I believe the system could benefit from some organizational restructuring.

{Best Organization of a Small Group}

{Photo Credit:}

{Photo Credit:}

This boy and his puppy nap together everyday.  What an amazing image of peace and contentedness, just two of the many benefits to being organized!

{Worst Organizational Attempt to foster Personal Freedom}

Edward Snowden: If you were so against spying and restriction of personal freedom why go to countries that one might consider less tolerant than the US? You might want to rethink your organizational vision and mission.

{Best Organizational Attempt to help Sustain Life}

Typhoon Haiyan

{Photo Credit:}

This award goes to all the charities that offered assistance and support to those affected by Typhoon Haiyan, the catastrophic storm that hit the Phillipines on Nov 8th 2013. Many of these charities are still offering assistance and support to the 24,000 injured and over 3 million displaced. CNN’s report on the continuing efforts offers many ways in which we can continue to support these great organizations.

I would love to hear your favorite organizational moments of 2013!


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