Organizing your Electronic Desktop: as easy as sorting your socks

Now is a great time for an annual review of your computer files since you will most likely access your computer due to tax preparation.  Is it difficult to find documents, pictures, or articles of interest? Here are some of my suggestions on how to clean up your desktop and document folders.

{Know your limits} Each computer comes with a certain amount of memory in which you can store files. At a certain point your computer will run out of memory for files. Treat yourself the same way, know your limits, and don’t overload your personal capacity by saving every website/recipe/article.  I recommend setting aside a specific number (10-20) of articles to read or recipes to try before you are able to save more.  This motivates you to actually read the articles or raise the bar of items saved.

Organizing computer file

{Make your computer a file cabinet} For an organized computer, mimic a filing system by separating documents into categories and putting each category into named folders. Don’t just store everything in one folder.  It makes finding documents very difficult. An example of this structure could be a recent family photo by the Christmas tree which would be stored in the Pictures folder under 2013 and in a subfolder labeled Christmas 2013.

{Save time} By spending 15 minutes a week creating and maintaining your files you will save yourself the agony of working 12 ½ hours (15 minutes for 50 weeks) to try and organize your tax documents.  Set aside the time in your calendar and don’t just put it on your to do list.

{Sort and Store} If this seems overwhelming, my recommendation is to take one section, whether a specific folder or file type and subdivide into smaller portions.  I think of it as sorting orphan socks; you have a huge pile that can be sorted by type or color, making pairing a lot simpler. Use the sort features to help subdivide, either by alphabetizing or sorting by date.  Then select multiple correlating files and drop and drag into subfolders that can be reviewed later.  This will make future maintinance easier without actually looking at every file.

Another resource for more step by step instructions can be found at Fabulously Organized Home.

And whatever you do, don’t stop believing that you can organize your computer.

organizing desktop files

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6 thoughts on “Organizing your Electronic Desktop: as easy as sorting your socks

  1. gaellebythesea

    instead of saving pictures on my computer. I now sort them by boards onto Pinterest.
    I don’t clog my computer’s memory like I did in the past
    I add comments when relevant and this may be a good supplier for something I had trouble to find
    it will keep the link to where I found the image. if the link gets broken, you can do an image search from there to find a new link
    I can keep things on private boards too so not everything is out there for all to see
    my computer is so much more tidy. not perfect but improving all the time

    1. maxwelltsai1987

      that’s a good idea but you do realise that everything you upload is on their server right? that means that Pintrest can access your photos whenever they want. for me, I like a bit more privacy.


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