Quick Travel Tip

Airport Parking

{Photo Credit: aeroparking.com}

I love this tip submitted by an amazing friend and blog follower. The next time you travel, take a picture of your parked car.  Include signage or a landmark so that your spot is easily identifiable. This method beats using the car alarm to find your car after a long trip or just a long day.

I think this idea has many applications including giving visual directions to an event, creating a photo diary of your day, or just making shopping easier.

Great idea, thank you JC!

Would love to hear some of your travel tricks!


2 thoughts on “Quick Travel Tip

  1. coordinatedkate

    That’s an awesome idea. I think it would even be useful just going to the mall, concert, or (for me) even Ikea or some place like that. I always seem to forget where I left my car.


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