Small Steps – Olympic Results


I love this commercial, showcasing life in reverse for amazing Olympic athletes.  Don’t you wish you had this ability to see what steps you might need to take to get you where you want to be?

Well neither did these athletes. They had to start somewhere with all the uncertainty and questions that you might have when trying to figure out what to do next.

I believe that even small steps can lead to major change.  So for that area that you feel needs organizational change or that goal you are reaching for, take a small step. Even if that action seems inconsequential, small steps lead to big changes.

Some suggestions for potential first steps include…

  1. Tell a friend.
  2. Write down your goal and keep a journal detailing your progress.
  3. Check out a book on the subject to help you figure out next steps.
  4. Schedule a donation pick-up to help keep you on track.

Let these Olympians inspire you to make small steps toward a medal worthy change!

I would love to hear about projects or goals that you working on, comments always appreciated!


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