Comfy, Cozy Linen Closet

Organizing linen closet

Today I want to curl up by a fire under a comfy blanket while sipping a warm beverage and reading a book. And just in case others want to grab a blanket and join me, here are a few tips on how to make your linen storage easy to navigate.

{Take Stock} It is amazing what you might find in some linen closets, so my recommendation is to first remove everything from the closet. See what linens you have and categorize them by type; queen sheets, twin sheets, comforters, towels, alternate bedding, and cleaning supplies are just a few examples. Then store the items by type.

{Simple Sets} While there are many ways to store sheets, I prefer to bundle them in sets. That way, if a quick bedding change is necessary I am not spending time hunting down a missing pillow case.

Organizing sheets closet

{On the Level} Store items at appropriate heights based upon usage and accessibility. For example, in this closet, the twin sheets are on the second shelf from the bottom, allowing children to quickly reach the sheets without having to ask a parent to help them.

Organizing linen closet ribbon label

{Label} While these shelves aren’t labeled, they are marked in another way.  I used ribbon to differentiate a queen duvet cover from the queen sheets. For those who don’t want to specifically label, using ribbon helps reduce confusion. You can even color-code the ribbon to each bed-type or person.

This project took approximately 45 minutes to complete due to sheet sets not being paired together.  It took a while to figure out which flat sheet went with which fitted sheet. There was no material cost.

I hope this helps you stay comfy cozy on this cold winter day!


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