A Picture is Worth a 1000 Words

Ever repeated the location for something so many times you just want to scream the next time someone mentions the words “Where is…”? Or have you had to explain how a process works repeatedly? I love using pictures to explain. It saves time, energy, and can make it so much easier for other people to understand where items belong or how the process works.


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Considering that 65% of the population consist of visual learners, there are plenty of reasons to have images of processes and procedures at work and at home.

Every work environment is different so make it easy for new employees to see what is expected of them by using a flow chart.

flow chart online ordering

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One of my favorites for the home, besides the grocery list, is a chore chart. There are plenty of free printables available but I like the Melissa and Doug Chore Chart. It has varying levels of chores for children young and old and can be customized to your needs.

melissa and doug chore chart

Whatever you find yourself constantly repeating, try writing it down, drawing it, or even taking a picture.  It might just save you 1000 words.

7 thoughts on “A Picture is Worth a 1000 Words

  1. dragonflyzia

    They should make a chart for teenagers who know what to do….but make you tell them anyway. Those charts are much cuter than the ones I made when they were little, progress I guess….


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