The Space between Belief and Action

Well Being + Decluttering Survey

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Research suggests that most people understand the correlation between decluttering and an improved mental state.  Studies have proven that organizing will help you feel better. Yet in a recent poll by Huffington Post, 47% of Americans worry about the organization of their home.  In another study 1 out of 4 people say they feel disorganized at work. So why do we stress over something we know will reduce stress?

I believe the difficulty doesn’t come from understanding this concept but more likely the reality of mental effort it takes to physically act upon this belief. Feeling overwhelmed is a common thread with most of my clients, when asked why they felt they needed a professional organizer. Just staring at some of the overwhelming piles can cause individuals to back out of the room, shut the door, and avoid the task for another day.

Although you may feel overwhelmed by the space between wanting to be organized and feeling organized, all it takes is one step to begin moving in the right direction.

Here are a few of my suggestions on how to get started…

{Start Small} If you are just getting started I recommend organizing a small area first, one that won’t take more than 4 hours.  The pantry is a great first step when organizing the home and for work I recommend the office desktop. Both are used everyday so you will immediately see the difference and, generally speaking, they won’t take more than four hours to complete if you have all necessary organizing materials.

{Have a Plan} Don’t just walk into a project saying I want to be more organized.  I recommend having a clear goal in mind prior to getting started.  If you are organizing the kitchen pantry you could say I want to remove any none food item, categorize each shelf (grains, snacks, baking supplies, etc.), and store extra paper goods. Having some idea of what you are working towards helps you stay focused. I even recommend writing this down so you can check each item off as you go.  You might even consider rewarding yourself for completing each step for a little extra motivation.

{Limit Distractions} One of the biggest reasons that my clients are frustrated with the organizing process is because they aren’t able to complete the project.  Seeing the end result is important to gain momentum for larger projects. So try and limit distractions such as tv, phone, or computer interruptions. And if possible, see if you could have someone help watch your children so that you won’t be interrupted.

{Make it Work For You} Something that looks great on pinterest may not work for you. My suggestion is to make the organizing help you, not make it harder on you.  If getting individual matching containers for all your dry goods causes you additional work and makes it so you don’t put items away, try something different.  Organizing isn’t about perfection and it can look different for different individuals, families, and workplaces.  So don’t strive for perfection, aim for purpose.

Good luck and I would love to hear about your latest organizing project!


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